CorebirdNative Gtk+ Twitter client for the Linux desktop

Corebird is a modern, easy and fun Twitter client, just what you were looking for, right?


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Check your distribution's package manager. If there's no corebird package and you still want to use it, check the Github page for compiling and installation instructions.

Installation using Flatpak

For Flatpak installation instructions as well as needed dependencies for Corebird to run properly, see the corebird-flatpak repository on Github.


If you have any problems, we have an IRC-Channel on called #corebird. Remember that due to time zones and the need for sleep it could take some time until you get an answer to your question.

Also, if you encounter any bugs or have other problems with corebird, remember to check the bugtracker for your problem and if it does not exist yet, create a new entry.

If you're neither into IRC nor into Github, you can still tweet to @corebirdclient.